leftovers, lost and found

This is an ongoing list of things that we cannot store or use any longer. The list may grow as we dig deeper, please check back for more. If you're interested in any of the items listed below please send an email to info[at]programonline[dot]de or stop by and get it– first come, first serve and everything must go before the end of the month.

* If you happen to notice something on this page that you think belongs to you, let us know and please come pick it up within the next days!

table, metal frame on wheels, 160x80cm, 50€ (several pieces available)

wooden chair on wheels, 12€ (several pieces available)

desk lamp, no longer available

locker, 15€ (10 pieces available)

dark gray carpet, new, 2 x several meters, price tbd

foldable chair, no longer available

inflatable large cushion that kids love, no longer available

stool, 2€ (15+ pieces available)

pinkish styrofoam, unused, 108x58x4cm, 50+ pieces, 100€
[Schwenk Perimeter S35 EPS035 PW/PB 4cm, 40mm, 7.780qm/Pak, (max. 250kPa)]

2 wooden trestles, no longer available

metal trestles, dark gray and white, 5€ each (20+ pieces available)

white table top, 120x60cm, 8€ each (10 pieces available)

closet and wooden shelves, no longer available

foldable mattress, 20 €

tools, nuts and bolts

DVD player, 20€ (4-5 pieces available)

hama tripod, not the best kind, 6€

slide case with lots of slides, found in the library*

nikon F90X, price negotiable*

large hammock found among other stuff in the basement, a bit moldy, price negotiable*

padding chips for your packing needs, available for free

strange spongey creation

leather jacket with lining

pamiqtka znad morza

Vampirzähne, classic edition, "movie quality"